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Ever wonder what happens when you are not there? Now you can find out what goes on 24/7 by utilizing video surveillance.

  • Prevent & detect theft
  • Increase productivity
  • Verify your policies and procedures are being followed
  • Review accidents and injuries
  • Plus numerous other activities you have not even thought of

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer unique solutions for each customer’s needs along with our excellent customer service. We meet with you at your facility to discuss your needs and then offer a customized solution that meets those needs and one that fits your price range.

Our customers cannot imagine how they operated without video surveillance before. The benefits are realized almost immediately.

See your facility in real time through a camera’s view before you buy! VVS brings you the latest technology available. We are certified technology partners and dealers for the products we represent.

We offer FREE onsite demonstrations.

At VVS, we utilize the products we sell DAILY in our own company. We have installed video surveillance at our locations and have over 175 cameras. All of our systems can be monitored and reviewed remotely.

We can offer you the same peace of mind we enjoy. Call us today for your FREE site survey and surveillance consultation at 1-800-662-2924.

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