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JBS Cactus Catering

Catering at JBS in Cactus, Texas

VVS recently catered an event at JBS in Cactus, Texas that was photo worthy! Fiesta Rice Bowls were on the menu with all the trimmings. A great job goes out to VVS Site Manager Clay Blake and Staff!

JBS Cactus 5S

VVS Works on 5S Protocol at JBS in Cactus, Texas

VVS recently used 5S protocol to organize and clean some areas of their cafeteria space. VVS Site manager, Clay Blake, and District Manager, Latoya Williams, studied the 5S program through materials provided by JBS. The cafeteria also participated in a 5S fair in which different areas of the plant displayed booths showing their 5S progress. After judging of the booths took place, Clay Blake and staff’s booth came in 2nd place! Great job to everyone involved! Scroll down to see more pictures of the event!

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