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Micro Markets

Micro Markets

Traditional Vending Alternative

A Micro Market, an alternative to traditional vending, is like having your own market place right on site. Great variety and convenience, and most important, your Micro Market is stocked with fresh, nutritious selections that will include crisp salads, fresh sandwiches, dairy products, fruit, yogurt, protein drinks, juices and more, along with 24/7 availability.

Micro Markets offer “shop, scan, and enjoy” convenience! You make your selections – pick them right out of the coolers or off the shelves, check out the nutritional information, then, scan the bar code at the kiosk (very easy!). No cashier needed on site and the payment process is simple. Your selections and prices are viewable on the kiosk screen with a final total. Pay with a reloadable market card, or a credit/debit card.

Micro Markets are loaded with advantages. In addition to giving you a cashless solution to shopping, your reloadable market card is your source for incentives, special offers, and the ability to track your purchases and nutritional information. Monthly specials highlighting healthy products and giveaways also provide excitement for your employees! 

Contact VVS today and make the switch to a reliable, healthy and exciting Micro Market!

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