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October SUPERFOOD - Tea


The SUPERFOOD for October is Tea! Hot or cold, tea has many health benefits, including:

  • Tea contains antioxidants.
  • Tea has less caffeine than coffee.
  • Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Tea may help with weight loss.
  • Tea may boost the immune system.
  • Tea may help battle cancer.

Stop by your local VVS cafeteria or Micro Market during October to enjoy the many benefits of this SUPERFOOD!

Premium breakfast sandwiches

New Premium Breakfast Sandwiches

VVS is rolling out a new batch of Premium Breakfast Sandwiches that are sure to change the way you look at breakfast! Using new seasoned sausage and chicken breakfast patties VVS’ development team has created 4 new breakfast sandwiches including the A.M. BBQ Breakfast Sandwich, Chorizo Skillet, Spicy Asian and The Chipotle Chicken Breakfast Sandwich. All utilize specialty seasoned patties and premium toppings to bring out the flavor in your breakfast. Served up with golden brown tots and featured during October, look for a new sandwich each week!

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