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Molly Rowe

Employee Spotlight: Molly Rowe

This edition of our Employee Spotlight features Molly Rowe, site manager at VVS’ cafeteria at Tyson in Perry, Iowa. Molly has been in the foodservice industry for 17 years, having managed limited service hotels and owning her own catering company before joining VVS. She enjoys creating new and different food dishes for her family (husband, Brent, and 3 children), as well as taking long-distance bicycle rides. She and her husband even rode in the annual bike ride across Iowa, called Ragbrai. Molly told VVS, “One of my proudest accomplishments was catering for a wedding; the bride was Nigerian and she wanted some traditional Nigerian dishes offered. She came into my kitchen and taught me how to create these meals for the reception.” Welcome to the VVS team, Molly!

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