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Ottumwa Recognition

Ottumwa Staff Receive Recognition

Jessica Rios, former Purchasing Specialist at JBS in Ottumwa, Iowa, recently expressed her appreciation for VVS site manager Carol Palacio and her staff. Jessica told VVS, “I have worked at the facility for nearly 18 years and have seen quite a few companies come and go as a cafeteria service. VVS, by far, is the best one we’ve ever had. Good food, good prices, and great catering services. Even in short notice they can make miracles. [I] wanted to let you guys know what great employees you have here and they deserve to be recognized.” Keep up the great work!

(Pictured above, left to right: Carol Palacio, Jessica Rios, Jane Menendez-Ortiz.)

Carolina Mungia Award

Carolina Mungia Receives Recognition from Cargill

Carolina Mungia, VVS Site Manger at Cargill in Friona, Texas, was recently recognized by Cargill for an doing outstanding job. Cargill Plant Manager, Jamin Phipps, presented Carolina with a Cargill Jacket and complimented her on the great food and variety offered in the cafeteria. A recent health inspection that garnered a 99% was also mentioned. Great job to Carolina and her staff in Friona!

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