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Nebraska City Micro Market

A Step Into the Future

In collaboration with VVS, Cargill in Nebraska City recently converted it’s cafeteria to a full line Avenue C. Avenue C is VVS’ newest concept that provides fresh, healthy options in an open market layout.  Customers enter the Micro Market and choose from options, such as refreshing hot and cold drinks, pre-packaged fresh foods, various snacks of all varieties and sizes, and then pay for the product at an unmanned kiosk using a pre-loaded Avenue C card or a credit/debit card.  Through Avenue C, VVS is providing all shifts with great products and equal options!

Lay's and Sunchips promo

Save 10% on Lay’s Biscuits & Gravy Chips!

During October take 10% off the unique flavored Lay’s Biscuits & Gravy chips! Yes – Biscuits and Gravy flavored Chips! Find them in your local VVS Micro Market, or for a healthier option, check out our new Veggie Chips!

Dr. Pepper & Dr. Pepper Bites

Dr. Pepper & Dr. Pepper Bites

Nothing goes better with Dr. Pepper than Dr. Pepper Bites! And nothing makes both better than taking 10% off at your local VVS Micro Market during October when you buy them in combo! Just what the doctor ordered!

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