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Latoya, Carol, Tammy

Feeding the Homeless

Amarillo Faith City Mission had a record-breaking year¬†when they fed nearly 500 homeless in December, and VVS staff was there to help. Latoya Williams (District Manager, Texas), Carol Mungia (Site Manager, Cargill Friona), and Tammy Benton (Site Manager, Tyson Amarillo) volunteered their time to help serve ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, and pecan pie. They plan to volunteer again in 2017 for the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. A huge “Thank You” to these ladies for helping those in need during the holiday season!

Holiday Plant Feeds 2016

Family, Friends and 40,000 Fed!

With VVS’ help, our clients and customers celebrated the holidays in November and December with over 30 plant feeds across six states. VVS employees cooked over 40,000 pounds of meat, served 55,000 slices of pie, and provided endless sides and drinks. Numerous staff meetings across various departments were essential to ensure all of our clients were taken care of. Thank you to all of our clients and everyone who had a hand in making the holidays great!

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