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Superfood - Tomatoes


August’s Superfood is Tomatoes! Tomatoes contain only 32 calories per cup, and they’re an excellent source of vitamin C. Red tomatoes also have lycopene, which may be associated with lowering heart disease and certain cancers.. The lycopene found in canned tomatoes, ketchup and tomato sauce is more easily absorbed in the body than that found in raw tomatoes. Vist your VVS cafeteria this month and enjoy the many varieties and health benefits of tomatoes!

October SUPERFOOD - Tea


The SUPERFOOD for October is Tea! Hot or cold, tea has many health benefits, including:

  • Tea contains antioxidants.
  • Tea has less caffeine than coffee.
  • Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Tea may help with weight loss.
  • Tea may boost the immune system.
  • Tea may help battle cancer.

Stop by your local VVS cafeteria or Micro Market during October to enjoy the many benefits of this SUPERFOOD!

September SUPERFOOD - Beets


The September SUPERFOOD is Beets! Beets are more than pretty vegetables. Their color comes from betalains – antioxidants with a variety of potential health benefits. Vitamins, potassium and fiber round out beets’ benefits.

Beets offer two edible parts – the root, which we typically think of when eating beets, and the greens, which are delicious in salads. Beets are a unique source of phytonutrients called betalains, which has been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support.

August SUPERFOOD - Tomatoes


Tomatoes are the SUPERFOOD for August! Tomatoes are an excellent source of Vitamin C, and a good source of Vitamin A. Tomatoes come in a variety of different colors, each with their own distinct taste. Red tomatoes have lycopene – research suggests that a lycopene-rich diet may be associated with lowering the risk of certain cancers and heart disease.
Stop in to your local VVS Café and enjoy the many flavors and benefits of tomatoes!

SUPERFOOD: Sweet Potato

SUPERFOODS: Sweet Potatoes

July brings us the sweet potato as this month’s SUPERFOOD. Did you know that sweet potatoes and yams are not the same food, and they each contain different nutrients?

As with other bright orange vegetables, sweet potatoes provide beta carotene, along with vitamin C, calcium, iron and fiber. Also, one sweet potato provides a whole day’s supply of vitamin A. To maximize nutrients, choose sweet potatoes that are dark orange; and, look for firm sweet potatoes that have smooth skin, free of cracks and soft spots.



Berries are the SUPERFOOD for June! Berries have antioxidants (known as anthocyanins) that can improve health and prevent certain diseases. Layer berries in yogurt and drizzle with honey, add berries to your morning cereal, or grab some berries as an afternoon snack.

SUPERFOOD: Mushrooms


The SUPERFOOD for May is Mushrooms! Mushrooms are excellent sources of B Vitamins, selenium, and potassium. Mushrooms protect cells from damage that might lead to heart disease and high blood pressure. Mushrooms also contribute to bone health, building your immune system, and regulating cell growth. Mushrooms are made up of 90% water; they are fat-free, cholesterol-free, low in sodium and full of fiber.

Try a SUPERFOOD today for a more healthy you!



SUPERFOODS are back! In April, look for fruits with citrus. Citrus fruits are ready-to-eat and are packed with antioxidants. They are perfect for snacking throughout the day. Try a SUPERFOOD today for a more healthy you!

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