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Show Us Your Smile May winners

Show Us Your Smile Contest Update

Our Show Us Your Smile contest continues! We have given away $160 in Micro Market cards, and tons of free product, but we’re not done yet! We will continue to draw for the weekly $20 Micro Market card until June 30th, when we will draw a winner for the Grand Prize of a $75 Micro Market card!

“Like” VVS Canteen’s Facebook Page and send us a selfie with your favorite Micro Market Product….you could be our next winner!

Micro Markets
1. A Step Into the Future
2. Micro Market Promo: Aquafina Sparkling
3. Micro Market Promo: Sweet Serenity Cookies
4. 10% Off Wiley Wallaby Liquorice
5. 10% Off Monster Energy Drinks
6. New Micro Market at Chief Buildings
7. Save 10% on Lay’s Biscuits & Gravy Chips!
8. New Micro Market at Baldwin Filters in Kearney
9. Avenue C Provides Endless Options!
10. Dr. Pepper & Dr. Pepper Bites
11. November Micro Market Promo
12. Win a Trip to DC!
13. New Micro Market at Cargill in Columbus, Nebraska
14. Monster Energy Drone Giveaway
15. Save 10% on Dasani Sparkling Waters
16. Micro Market Promo: 10% Off Juice
17. Micro Market Promo: 10% Off Doritos
18. Tea Time – March Promo
19. 10% Off Mike & Ike’s or Hot Tamales
20. Avenue C Monster Drone Winner
21. Avenue C Breakfast
22. Show Us Your Smile and Win!
23. First Show Us Your Smile Winner!
24. 10% Off Sea Salt Cashews
25. “Show Us Your Smile” Contest Continues
26. Kind Bars 10% Off
27. Show Us Your Smile Contest Update
28. 10% Off Fresh Fruit
29. Micro Market Promo – 10% Off Sports Drinks
30. Micro Market Promo – Gatorade Protein Bars
31. Micro Market Promo – 10% Off Coco Libre Water
32. Micro Market Promo – 10% Off Popchips
33. Micro Market Promo – Planters Peanuts
34. Micro Market Promo – 10% Off Milk
35. Micro Market Promo – 10% Off Cereal
36. Micro Market Promo: Rowdy’s Snacks
37. New Sysco Micro Market
38. Micro Market Promo: 10% Off Coffee
39. New Micro Market at Premier Companies
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