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Thank You-Tyson Feeds

VVS Feeds 9 Tyson Foods Plants

VVS recently catered plant feeds at 9 Tyson Foods locations. The plant feeds were set up by Tyson Foods as a way to say “thank you” to their employees at all locations. Some of the participating sites included Dakota City, Amarillo, Logansport, Columbus Junction, Perry, Waterloo, Lexington, Sherman and Madison. Menus included everything from burritos to burgers! Great job to everybody involved! For more photos from these events, find us on Facebook and LinkedIn!

Client Events
1. Tyson Amarillo Rewards Safety
2. JBS Greeley Celebrates Summer!
3. Dodge City Days – Round Up Rodeo
4. Cargill Dodge City Burger Festival
5. VVS Feeds 7,000 at National Beef
6. Tyson Dakota City Celebrates 50 Years!
7. Dodge City Round-Up Rodeo – In Case You Missed It
8. VVS Supports Tyson in JDRF Fundraiser
9. VVS Caters JBS Physicians Gathering
10. Tyson Lexington Holds Culture Fair
11. Catering at JBS in Cactus, Texas
12. Trunk or Treat at JBS Greeley
13. VVS Feeds 9 Tyson Foods Plants
14. Family, Friends and 40,000 Fed!
15. Cargill Dodge Recognizes Perfect Attendance
16. VVS Caters Cargill Meeting
17. VIP Catering at Cargill Fort Morgan
18. Hamburgers for Harvey’s Heroes
19. Amarillo Chamber Cook-Off
20. Fort Morgan Fajita Feed
21. Mount Pleasant Fun Day
22. Tyson Columbus Junction Safety Milestone
23. Cargill Friona Pink Out Day!
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